Double Sided Slimline Gravity Latch

$148.44 $126.17

Double Sided Slimline Gravity Latch
  • New sleek compact latch
  • Key alike or individual key lock available
  • Can be re-keyed to house key
  • Fast & simple installation
  • Adjustable vertically & horizontally
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Introducing Our New Slimline Gate Latch

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product, the Slimline Gate Latch. Building on the success of previous latch models, we have developed the sleek and compact ‘Slimline’ version. It offers the same advanced latching function, durable housing, and exceptional quality. The design focuses on providing a discreet roadside-facing appearance, catering to the preferences of homeowners.

Enhanced Performance of Gravity Gate Latches

As a fence and gate contractor, you understand the importance of reliable gravity gate latches. They ensure that gates remain securely closed, keeping people and pets either inside or outside the desired area. However, one common issue with gravity latches is the potential for the hook to jam before engaging the latching bar. This occurs when dirt, leaves, or other debris get trapped between the hooks and their guiding slots.

Improved Design for Uninterrupted Operation

Our team examined the challenges associated with gravity gate latches and developed an innovative solution. By eliminating the guiding means that can cause particle buildup and hinder hook engagement, we have revolutionized the design. The Gravity Latch offers enhanced security by eliminating the risk of the two independent latching hooks getting stuck due to jammed guiding means.

Effortless Operation and Superior Security

Your customers will appreciate the effortless operation of the Slimline Gravity Latch. They simply need to pull the latch to open wood, metal, or vinyl gates. For added convenience, we recommend self-closing gate hinges, including models with adjustable tension. These hinges ensure that the gate closes and latches automatically, providing peace of mind even if someone forgets to shut it.

Customers will also admire the attractive and rugged design of our latch, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We utilize high-grade polymer and stainless steel components that guarantee durability, withstanding impacts, resisting UV damage, and preventing rust. Additionally, our patented backplate allows for easy conversion between right-hand and left-hand operation without the need for screws.

Our components offer flexibility, aligning perfectly on various gate materials such as aluminum, steel, timber, or vinyl. We are committed to providing you with innovative gate latches and hinges suitable for pools, playgrounds, as well as public and private enclosures.