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Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens & Covers

Aluminium slat privacy screens are a popular pick for adding a touch of style and security to any property.

Window Screen
Window Screen
Pool Screen
Balcony Screen
Privacy Screen
Utility Screen
Bin Cover Screen
Commercial Airconditioner Screen
Commercial Screen
Privacy Screen
Timberlook Aluminium Slat Screen
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Here’s why so many people are opting for them:

That’s what screens are for!

with Supergates DIY brackets and Processes

to suit your project, millimetre perfect!

with no painting required

with the strength of aluminium

helps to keep area clean of leaves, rubbish etc

to keep your property design in tune

to add value to your property

screens to protect you from the sun

and durable Aluminium – lasts a lifetime!

In summary, aluminium slat privacy screens offer a mix of durability, low maintenance, and style. They provide the privacy and security you need while enhancing the overall look and feel of your property. Whether for your home or business, aluminium screens are a smart and stylish investment.

Vertical or Horizontal Aluminium Slat Screens

Any of the Supergates Aluminium Slat Screens can be supplied in either Vertical or Horizontal Slat configuration. Just let us know what you prefer and will customise your screen solution for you – millimetre perfect!

Here are some of the Aluminium Slat Screens that we offer:

Aluminium Slat Window Screens

Aluminium slat window screens are a great investment for any property. They combine durability, security, and a sleek look with practical perks like good ventilation, energy efficiency, and privacy.

Plus, aluminium slat window screens are low maintenance and can be customized to precisely fit your windows.

Overall, aluminium slat window screens are a fantastic choice for modern homes and offices.

Window Screen

Aluminium Slat Utility Screens

Aluminium slat utility screens are a versatile and practical solution for all kinds of uses, whether at home or commercial properties.

Aluminium slat utility screens offer a range of benefits, from durability and low maintenance to security, and a great look, enhancing both functionality and curb appeal.


Aluminium Slat
Pool Screens

Installing pool screens is a great way to enhance your pool area. Aluminium slat pool screens are a fantastic addition to any backyard pool area.

Aluminium slat pool screens offer a mix of practicality, style, and convenience. They’re durable, low-maintenance, and can significantly enhance the look and feel of your pool area while providing the privacy and security you need.


Aluminium Slat Balcony Privacy Screens

Balcony Aluminium privacy screens are a fantastic addition to any apartment, condo, or home with a balcony. They offer a range of benefits that can greatly enhance your outdoor living experience.

From increased privacy and security to improved aesthetics and protection from the elements. Aluminium Slat Privacy Screens make your balcony a more comfortable and enjoyable space, perfect for relaxing and entertaining.


Aluminium Slat
Bin Cover Screens

Bin cover screens might not sound glamorous, but they bring a lot to the table when it comes to keeping your outdoor space tidy and organised.

In short, bin cover screens are a practical solution for keeping your outdoor spaces clean, organized, and attractive. They offer benefits beyond just hiding bins—they contribute to a more pleasant environment and can even add value to your property.


Aluminium Slat Commercial Screen Solutions

When it comes to commercial screens made from aluminium slats, each type brings something special to the table. Whether you need privacy, security, a style boost, or just a more comfortable outdoor space, there’s a screen that fits the bill.

Picking the right one really boils down to what your place needs most and what you want it to achieve.

  • Privacy Screens
  • Bin Enclosures
  • Utility Enclosures
  • Windbreaks
  • Decorative Screens
  • Range of Security Locks
Commercial Screen

Aluminium Slat Sidewalk Cafe Barriers

Imagine sitting outside at your favourite cafe, enjoying a latte or a meal, with a sense of privacy and comfort. That’s exactly what aluminium slat sidewalk cafe barriers are a game changer.

In short, aluminium slat sidewalk cafe barriers are more than just practical —they’re a stylish addition that attract customers and as a result help businesses thrive in outdoor dining settings.

What Colours are available?

Colour is important. This is why we have a range of the most popular Colourbond colours on the market for our Fenstar Aluminium Slat Fences.

All Fenstar Aluminium Slat Fences are powder coated for a high quality and long lasting finish that other coatings can’t compare with.

Night Sky
Woodland Grey
Timber Look
Surf Mist
Night Sky
Woodland Grey
Timber Look
Surf Mist

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Fenstar Fences have NO Visible Screws

You won’t see a single screw on Fenstar Aluminium Slat Fences. We achieve this by concealing all the screws that hold your fence together with a clever design feature that is exclusive to Fenstar range of fences.

Use our slider image to see how easy it is to hide all the screws on your fence panel →

Before After no-screws-after-1no-screws-before-1

EASY TO INSTALL with Professional Results!

Choose from the following DIY options…

Option 1: Custom DIY Kits

Simply provide us the measurements of the fence and we will provide components to achieve the most aesthetically appealing sized panels to perfectly fit your space. This means spacing between posts will be even, impressing even the most discerning client or neighbour.

Your kit will arrive cut-to-size including all components needed to install the fence yourself for an ultra-professional finish.

Option 2: Pre-cut DIY Kits


Popular Panel sizes are kept in Stock ready to go! So for a more cost effective, easy to install Aluminium Fence, simply pick how many panels you need to fit your space, add up how many posts you need, and place your order online.

Your kit will arrive pre-packaged, including ALL components needed to install the fence yourself for a finish that lasts a lifetime!

Supergates Specialist Installation

Supergates Specialty is building Premium Quality Fences & Gates. That means when we provide the complete solution, everything is custom designed to suit your space perfectly.

This is a premium service pleasing the most discerning perfectionist out there. If DIY is not for you, or you just MUST have the best then have the Supergates Team expertly install your new fences and gates.

Fenstar Aluminium Slat Fencing Portfolio

Colour IS Important so our powder coat finish is first-class, and matched to the 7 most popular Australian Colorbond & Timber Look Colours used in residential and commercial building today.


Fenstar 10-Year Guarantee Means Quality.
Your Aluminium Slat Fence Will Last a Lifetime!

Fenstar backs it’s Fences with a 10-Year Guarantee so you can be certain your fence will stand the test of time.

Do you plan to install yourself?

All our fencing and gates are available as DIY kits. Watch our super helpful DIY videos and save on installation costs.

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